File a multi-policy (universal) claim

If you're unable to file your claim online, download the multi-policy (universal) paper claim form and print it to  file your claim by mail or fax.

Tips for filing a multi-policy claim by using the paper form
Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the claims process. If you would like more information, download the multi-policy (universal) claim form or watch the video below. It’s best to use the multi-policy claim form when you have when you have a claim that needs to be reviewed under two or more policies like: disability, accident, cancer, hospital confinement and surgery.

Use this form when filing under more than one policy.

  1. Check the type(s) of claim(s) you are filing and complete section 1.
  2. If you're filing for an accident, complete Section 2. The accident date and description are required when filing a universal claim.
  3. If you're filing for disability, have your employer complete Section 3 and your doctor complete Section 5 in their entirety.
  4. Have your doctor complete Sections 4A and 4B in their entirety, if applicable to your claim.
  5. Sign and date your claim form, and complete and sign the authorization page prior to filing.

To ensure faster filing, please include the following:

  1. A copy of the accident report (if you were in an auto accident)
  2. Any related itemized bills, including physician, ambulance, emergency room, hospital, and/or rehabilitation unit bills, along with diagnosis information, procedure codes, anesthesia, etc. from your medical provider

Watch the multi-policy/universal claim form walkthrough