Voluntary benefits for your employees

Colonial Life helps take care of your business, your employees and their families

Help your employees prepare for unexpected challenges today to help ensure financial protection and peace of mind for tomorrow. Our voluntary benefits are designed to enable you to offer a complete benefits plan that empowers your employees to work happier and healthier.

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What are voluntary benefits?

More businesses are offering voluntary benefits — also called supplemental insurance — because more employees are asking for them. In fact, 80% of employees polled stated their interest in extra protection.1 These policies enhance the health and life insurance employers provide at no added cost to your bottom line. Paid directly to the employee, they can be used for things other insurance may not cover, like lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses and household bills.

Why employers choose Colonial Life

We understand how busy employers like you can be, and that’s why we’ve designed our benefit solutions to be simple and effective. When you need to protect your employees with quality benefits they’ll appreciate, you need Colonial Life.

End-to-end service

Need enrollment assistance? Want to reduce administrative burden? We can help every step of the way.

Money-saving strategies

We're constantly thinking about ways to save you money. Sound familiar?

Personalized benefits counseling

We meet 1-to-1 to help everybody get the benefits that are best for them. Which is also best for you.

Education and communication

We help make sure everybody knows how to make the most of their benefits. And that's a benefit in itself.

Committed to fast and easy claims

When people need us most, we're at our best. Isn't that what benefits are really all about?

Good hard work

We believe in the benefits of good hard work. Just like you.

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1. Employers with 10 or more employees, Eastbridge, "MarketVision: The Employer Viewpoint" (2016)