Disability insurance helps provide peace of mind for your employees

Improve recovery and productivity with disability income protection

When an employee is unable to work due to an illness or injury, it impacts everyone. Provide the support they need during tough times with Colonial Life insurance.

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Everyone needs protection

Support your employees and bottom line

If an employee becomes disabled, they could be out of work for a period of time. Without steady income, it often becomes harder to pay for everyday expenses, putting a strain on their family and adding more anxiety to an already difficult situation.

Disability insurance safeguards both sides by providing income protection in the event an employee is unable to work due to a common condition, such as:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Cancer
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Back and joint disorders
  • Accidents and fractures

With a financial safety net, disability insurance can help your employees and company focus on success rather than worry about "what-ifs."

Our disability insurance is designed with both employees and employers in mind

Employers and HR professionals

  • Provide a sound benefits package that can help attract and retain high-performing employees, without incurring additional company expenses
  • Manage the increasing costs of coverage through voluntary benefits and potential savings
  • Save time and money on advancing paychecks, managing leave and coordination of benefits for disabled employees and more
  • Reduce administrative burden by leveraging Colonial Life's enrollment solutions and 24/7 support

Your employees and their families

  • Can gain peace of mind so they can focus on their health and recovery instead of worrying about paying bills
  • Receive direct benefits (unless they specify otherwise) that can be used however they'd like, regardless of any other insurance they may have
  • Customize their disability benefit amount and elimination period to best meet their needs
  • Some policies are portable, allowing employees to keep their coverage even if they change jobs

Commonly asked questions about disability insurance

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Individual Disability (ISTD3000): Applicable policy form ISTD3000 79279 (including state abbreviations where used, for example: ISTD3000-AL).

Group Disability: Applicable policy form GDIS-P 76505 and certificate form GDIS-C 76591 (including state abbreviations where used, for example: GDIS-C-AL).

Disability 1000: Applicable policy form DIS 1000 58489.

Insurance products are underwritten by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, Columbia, SC. This information is not intended to be a complete description of the insurance coverage available. The insurance or its provisions may vary or be unavailable in some states. The insurance has exclusions and limitations which may affect any benefits payable. For cost and complete details of coverage, call or write your Colonial Life benefits representative or the company.