Boost your benefits package with dental and vision coverage 

Voluntary benefits give your employees more reasons to smile

Dental insurance and vision insurance are essential parts of any competitive benefits package. By offering coverage through Colonial Life, you can help your employees pay for dental and vision care without impacting your bottom line.

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Supporting dental health and overall wellness

Employees rank dental insurance as the second most desired benefit after health coverage

Regular dental care is an important part of maintaining overall health. However, dental cleanings and procedures aren’t usually covered by health insurance, potentially leaving your employees with bills to pay.

Colonial Life dental insurance encourages better dental care, creates a more competitive benefits package and helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses for an array of procedures, including:

  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Sealants
  • Tooth removal
  • Crowns
  • Dentures

Healthier, happier employees contribute to stronger businesses. If you’re looking for ways to round out your benefits package without incurring direct costs to your organization, consider Colonial Life dental insurance.

Enhance your employee's dental insurance with vision coverage

Colonial Life dental insurance offers an optional vision rider to help pay for eye exams and materials, such as glasses and contact lenses. This additional coverage can help your employees maintain healthy vision and overall wellness.

Your employees will have access to a national vision network that includes independent optometrists, ophthalmologists and retail stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club Optical, Costco, Pearle Vision and Target.

Regular dental exams can reveal signs of oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, making them easier to treat and control.1

Focus on your business, and we'll take care of the benefits

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The advantages of Colonial Life dental insurance

Offer employees dental coverage at no direct cost to you

Colonial Life dental insurance is an employee-paid, individual dental plan that provides benefits for a variety of covered procedures, from routine cleanings to root canals.

All Colonial Life dental insurance plans:

  • Provide dental coverage for preventive, basic and major services
  • Offer access to a nationwide network and allow for substantial discounts by seeing an in-network provider
  • Have coverage options for your spouse and/or dependents
  • Are portable so employees can keep their coverage even if they change jobs
  • May be supplemented even further with optional orthodontic and vision coverage

Contact your Colonial Life representative to learn more about the coverage that is best for your employees.

Commonly asked questions about dental and vision insurance

What types of dental insurance are available?

Colonial Life has two dental products that are available. They are the individual dental PPO and individual dental fee schedule insurance.

To learn more about the features and benefits of each dental policy, contact your Colonial Life representative.

What does vision insurance cover?

Colonial Life vision insurance covers an exam and materials once per 12 months.

Employees can get more details from their benefits counselor.

How can I help my employees calculate how much dental insurance they may need?

Each person’s needs vary, so encourage employees to look back at the amount they spent on dental expenses in past calendar years. This can help them identify the estimated amount they spend on dental each year. If an employee hasn’t had dental care recently, contact your representative for help calculating an appropriate amount for coverage for their family.

How can employees tell if their dentist is in-network?

Employees can use our provider search to see if their dentist is part of our network. Click here for more information.

Can my company provide claim estimates for prospective policyholders or those without a policy inforce?

Hypothetical claims estimates or information regarding claim benefits cannot be provided to anyone who does not have a policy inforce.

Once coverage is inforce, the insured employee’s dentist can submit pre-estimates for procedures to help policyholders determine claim benefit outcomes.

How long are the waiting periods?

Immediate benefits are provided for routine cleanings and X-rays, while certain procedures have varying waiting periods. Talk with your Colonial Life sales representative for more details.

Does Colonial Life offer group dental insurance?

At this time, Colonial Life only offers employee-paid individual dental insurance.

Is individual dental insurance HSA-compatible?


How can insured employees find out how much they will pay out-of-pocket for dental procedures?

To determine how much a dental procedure will cost and what the benefit amount will be, the employee’s dentist will be able to submit a pre-determination/pre-estimate to allow for an estimate of benefits available.

Where can insured employees find a copy of their policy and update their contact information?

Employees can log in to their account to view their policy, update their contact information and manage their insurance. If they don’t have an account, they can register here.

Are dental benefits paid to the employee or the dentist?

Most dentists will file insurance claims on behalf of their insured patient. The benefit can be paid to the employee, but most of the time the employee will choose to have the benefits paid directly to the dentist.

Although claim payments will not default to the provider, the majority of dental offices have standard forms that require assignment in order to be accepted as a patient. This is standard practice in the dental insurance industry.

Where can insured employees find information about their premiums, payment dates and other billing information?

Employees can log in to their account to view the status of their policy, see their premium amount and due dates, manage their billing information, make payments and more. If they don’t have an account, they can register here.

Can insured employees keep their dental insurance if they leave the company?

Yes. Colonial Life dental insurance is portable, so employees can keep their plan even if they change jobs. To learn more and begin this process, employees can download the Conversion Request Form.

1 Mayo Clinic, “Oral Health: A Window to Your Overall Health” (2016)