Boost employee confidence with critical illness insurance

Provide valuable financial protection for out-of-pocket costs

When employees experience a critical illness, they often have expenses that aren’t covered by their health insurance. During these challenging times, critical illness insurance can help them focus on recovery and getting back to work sooner.

Sudden illnesses don’t have to cause sudden stress

Critical illness insurance provides protection for your employees

Your existing medical insurance plans and wellness programs provide a solid foundation for good health, but with rising costs all around, it can be difficult to provide the benefits employees need without affecting your bottom line.

Meanwhile, when someone on your team is diagnosed with a critical illness, they’re often forced to take time off to heal, as well as pay for mounting expenses that their health insurance won’t cover. Fortunately, critical illness insurance can help.

These voluntary benefit plans supplement major medical coverage by providing a lump-sum benefit employees can use to pay direct and indirect costs related to a critical illness, such as:

  • Deductibles and co-pays
  • Expenses related to out-of-network treatment and additional medical procedures, such as angioplasty and pacemaker implantation
  • Travel, lodging and meals during treatment
  • Lifestyle changes that may lead to better health, such as gym memberships and smoking cessation programs
  • Rehabilitation and home health services
  • Child care

This financial protection offers a simple way to strengthen your benefits package and help give employees peace of mind.

Every year about 965,000 Americans have a heart attack — 660,000 for the first time.1

Critical illness insurance is designed with both employees and employers in mind

Employers and HR professionals

  • Provide a sound benefits package that can help attract and retain high-performing employees, without incurring additional company expenses
  • Manage the increasing costs of coverage through voluntary benefits and potential savings
  • Simplify the enrollment process for all your benefits, including traditional medical plans, by partnering with our nationwide team of licensed benefit counselors
  • Reduce administrative burden by leveraging Colonial Life’s enrollment solutions and 24/7 support

Your employees and their families

  • Can gain peace of mind knowing that they can focus on recovery rather than paying bills
  • Receive direct benefits (unless they specify otherwise) that can be used however they’d like, regardless of any other insurance they may have
  • Can select coverage options for themselves and/or eligible dependents
  • Some policies are portable, allowing employees to keep their coverage even if they change jobs

Commonly asked questions about critical illness insurance

What critical illness insurance plans are available?

Colonial Life offers several individual and group critical illness insurance plans, with several optional riders also available. Product availability differs by state. To learn more about the features and benefits of each one, contact your Colonial Life sales representative.

How do I choose between offering my employees individual or group plans?

Individual and group plans have pros and cons. Your Colonial Life sales representative can help you determine the best fit for your business and your employees.

Pros for individual plans include:

  • Employee-owned and portable, so employees can keep their policies if they change jobs
  • Guaranteed renewable in most states; rates stay stable
  • No participation requirements or account-level rate increases

Individual plans may have stricter underwriting requirements and have more limited rate flexibility, which leads to potentially higher rates.

Pros for group plans include:

  • Employer-owned, so benefits apply to all eligible employees across state lines (based on situs state)
  • Flexible underwriting with guaranteed-issue options
  • More rate flexibility

Group plans may experience group-level rate increases and are ported or converted at higher rates. Minimum participation requirements are also common.

What does critical illness insurance cover?

Some of the covered conditions include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • End-stage renal (kidney) failure

Other serious illnesses may be covered as well, depending on the specific design of your plan. Additional coverage options also are available to help pay for health screenings, subsequent diagnoses and cancer vaccines.

How does critical illness insurance work?

If an insured suffers from a covered critical illness, they can file a claim with Colonial Life and begin the process of receiving benefits for their treatment and recovery.

I have an employee with a Colonial Life critical illness insurance policy. Where can they find a copy of their policy?

To view a copy of their policy, update contact information or manage their Colonial Life insurance, employees should log in to their account. If they don’t have an account, they can register here.

How does an insured employee file a critical illness claim or see the status of an existing claim?

To start the claims process, employees should log in to their account. The fastest way to receive benefits is to file a claim online and set up direct deposit. Paper claims are also available. For more information on filing a critical illness claim, see our critical illness claim page.


1. American Heart Association, “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics — 2016 Update: A Report from the American Heart Association,” Circulation (2016)

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