Attract and keep workers on the job with affordable, customized support

  • 40% of employees are much more inclined to stay
    Competitive benefits help improve employee satisfaction and help keep workers on the job.1
  • Achieve 7.4x higher long-term retention rates
    Retention improves significantly when employees feel cared for and supported by their employer.2

Think offering competitive benefits will break your budget?

We understand this common concern, but partnering with us can end up saving you money.

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Customized, budget-friendly benefits

We can design a plan that ensures benefits are attractive and affordable for you and your employees.

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Plans that pay for themselves

Avoid racking up turnover costs by keeping employees satisfied with benefits they want.

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Avoid unwanted turnover costs

The cost to replace an employee can range from one-half to twice their annual salary.3

Don't take our word for it

Learn how we empower our customers' employees and elevate the benefits experience for greater impact.

1 LIMRA, Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker (BEAT) Study, 2023.
2 LIMRA, Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker (BEAT) Study, 2022.
3 Gallup, "Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Culture" (updated 2022).