Customer success story

Enhancing benefits education and enrollment 

Colonial Life partnered with Vinfen, a leading health and human services company, to ensure a seamless transition to a new benefits program. Through targeted education and personalized decision support, Colonial Life successfully increased employee understanding and acceptance of plan design changes.

Company profile

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    Health and human services
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    3,000 employees
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    Over 500+ locations across two Northeastern states


  • Making sure employees understand the new medical and dental carrier benefits
  • Mandatory enrollment for the new plan year on the company's benefit administration system
  • Communicating a new surcharge for added spouses who have access to an alternative coverage source


Colonial Life facilitated a smooth transition for employees to the new core benefits plan through targeted education and personalized decision support. Our benefits counselors simplified the enrollment process, ensuring Vinfen’s employees have a clear understanding of the changes being made and available options. We offered voluntary insurance products to help employees manage out-of-pocket costs. We supported core benefits enrollment through Vinfen's benefit administration system, providing self-enroll, call center and on-site enrollment options. Additionally, Colonial Life provided comprehensive education on both core and voluntary benefits, empowering employees to make informed coverage decisions.

"Our employees really valued being able to sit down with a Colonial Life benefits counselor to help them understand and enroll in the benefits program. Colonial Life has positively enhanced employees' experience in moving medical carriers. We appreciate your partnership and support." 

Amanda Montague, Director of Benefits, Vinfen

Key tactics for success

  • Benefits counselors simplified the education and enrollment process
  • Supported core benefits enrollment through Vinfen's benefits administration system
  • Provided core and voluntary benefits education
  • Offered self-enroll, call center and on-site enrollment options


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    Over four days, eight Colonial Life benefits counselors provided benefit counseling and enrollment support during on-site employee benefits fairs.
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    For employees not able to attend the benefits fairs, the Colonial Life team enrolled 645 employees over the phone.
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    The medical subscriber count increased 5%.
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    359 Colonial Life voluntary insurance policies were enrolled.

Source: Colonial Life internal data, 2022.

Core benefits are offered by third parties.

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