Free Webinar for HR Teams: Making Virtual Enrollment Personal

Implement best practices to personalize online benefits enrollment

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Life looks different. Work looks different. Enrollment needs to look different, too. Virtual enrollment ensures your employees have the information, privacy and technology they need to make informed decisions about their benefits. 

Webinar presenters

Francisco Javier Rui headshot

Francisco Javier Ruiz

Francisco Javier Ruiz is a benefits consultant with over 12 years of experience in a national enrollment capacity at Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company. His expertise contributes a high level of insight that aids employees on selecting protections that fit their specific needs. Ruiz's mission is to educate the employees he serves through the entire enrollment process.
Kristi Chapman headshot

Kristi Chapman

Kristi Chapman is an expert in virtual benefit strategies with more than 20 years experience in sales and recruiting. She works extensively with the business development team at Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company and has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s growth track. Additionally, Chapman ranks consistently in Colonial’s top tier of sales and enrollment as an independent agent. According to Chapman, establishing relationships and maintaining a high level of communication and service are the keys to successful enrollments and strong, loyal client relations.
Kaleb Unverfehrt headshot

Kaleb Unverfehrt

Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Strategy, Unum Group

Kaleb Unverfehrt is the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Strategy for Unum Group. He oversees client enrollment strategy and fulfillment across both the Unum and Colonial Life brands. His team focuses on ensuring that the right processes, tools, and talent are aligned to deliver quality enrollment experiences to workers across all size segments and industries in the United States. He is passionate about benefits engagement and professional development and has been with Unum for over nine years. He and his wife reside in Columbia, SC.