Enrollment is essential. Virtual makes it possible.

Adding benefits doesn't have to complicate enrollment. Whether your employees are working from home or returning to the job site, virtual enrollment allows employees to safely and confidentially speak with dedicated benefits counselors.

Wherever “here” is for you, Colonial Life is there



Through co-browsing and video chat, we can ensure employees are given the attention they deserve with a friendly and knowledgeable benefits counselor on the other side of the screen.

Telephone icon


We can also connect with your employees by phone, ensuring they have the support they need to make the choices that are best for them.



The convenience of online self-service enrollment allows employees to make their choices on their own time.

Virtual but still personal

Technology allows us to connect, but it's our people who make those connections matter. Check out the video below to see how our benefits counselors use virtual enrollment to help employees.

Virtual enrollment benefits

Virtual enrollment allows our benefit counselors to meet with your employees wherever they’re located, to help guide them in making the right choices for their families. Since we started offering virtual enrollment 10 + years ago, our clients have found it to be incredibly effective in providing a personalized experience that drives engagement and empowers employees to get the most out of their benefits.

Take the next step by having a member of our team contact you to discuss your enrollment needs.