Ebook - No or low-cost ways to make your company a great place to work 

Learn how to work within the ever-changing environment of employee engagement, in a way that won't hurt your bottom line. Engagement is key to keeping your top talent happy, and continuing to do that is an area where many employers, just like you, are finding challenges. In fact, 65% of employers report experiencing problems with attracting top performers, and 54% are having difficulty retaining them.1

In this free ebook, we'll boil it all down for you as we highlight the most concentrated, cost-saving, techniques you can use to empower your employees and your business.

This 24 page ebook looks at:

  • why leadership, culture, training and perks matter to employees and tips on how to improve them within your company
  • what employees look for in company benefits and how you can offer them at no direct cost to you
  • why it's important to communicate your benefits, and ways to go about it
  • Great Place to Work 2015 award winners and the benefits they offer

1 Towers Watson, "2014 Global Workforce Study", 2014.