4 ways you can help with employees with work-life balance

By Damon Brown

The term “work-life balance” may not have existed two decades ago or, at least, it wasn’t taken seriously. The traditional route was to compartmentalize any issues unrelated to work and simply push through the work day.


Today, helping your workers keep their equilibrium is not only considered an ethical stance, but a smart investment for the long-term future of your employees’ output. Here are four ways you can help employees with work-life balance struggles.

1. Make your business flexible before it becomes an issue.
Telecommuting, flex time and virtual meetings can all help stave staff burnout. They also can elevate the level of trust within your organization since you are allowing workers to find their own path to the most productive output.

2. Use technological barriers to prevent employees from working after hours.
Some business management software makes it impossible for users to send an email at an odd time, such as 5 p.m. on a Saturday. The great part is you could make it so you have to adhere to the limitations. You could be the ultimate role model for the staff and practice what you preach.

3. Build in breaks to slow down potential burnout.
Research shows that the best productivity happens in deep, focused bursts, rather than long marathons. This work style gives the brain the opportunity to rest between concentrated efforts. Companies are now facilitating brief outdoor walks, healthy snack breaks and relaxation rooms so their employees can be refreshed throughout the day.

4. Know when the work-life challenges are beyond your company’s scope.
Always make sure you have resources at hand for serious help, whether it’s licensed organizational therapists or official online information to guide your workers in the right direction.

With these solutions in place, you can help prevent burnout and help retain your employees.