Employee wellness: 5 healthy habits to try

Humana and the Economist Intelligence Unit's survey in October 2015 found that 91 percent of employees said taking part in a wellbeing program improved their fitness, and 71 percent believed that wellness programs had at least a moderate impact in lowering their stress levels.

Surely stats like that are enough to get us all thinking about how we can try to make employee wellness more of a focus in our companies?


And while not all businesses can afford a fully blown employee wellness program, what we can do is encourage our employees to incorporate more healthy habits into their daily routines.

If it's something you're interested in, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Get a move on

Inc. recommends launching a lunchtime walking club, encouraging employees to use the stairs or subsidizing gym memberships. If you have the facility space, you could go as far as installing lockers and showers for employees who'd like to bike to work or hit the gym during the workday.

Not only could this make employees happier and healthier, it could also lead to lower medical costs, according to an Optum whitepaper.

2. Think healthy

Mental health can be just as important as physical fitness. Unmanaged stress can lead to sleep trouble, heart disease and high blood pressure. It can also interfere with your employees' abilities to perform their job duties at a high level and could also result in more frequent absences.

To help employees manage their stress, encourage them to take small breaks throughout the workday. They could go for a walk, chat with a co-worker or take a reading break.

3. Encourage prevention

Consider offering flu vaccines on-site or reimbursing employees who get a vaccination before flu season. This can help limit the flu's impact on your employees, office and bottom line.

4. Ask the experts

Doctors, nurses and others in the health and wellness industry can be valuable resources. Put their expertise to work for you by hosting a lunchtime Q&A with a dietitian or other expert. Or, consider offering an on-site clinic for employees.

By making it easier for your employees to connect with health and wellness professionals, you'll be helping them live healthier lives.

5. Snack smarter

Who doesn't enjoy a little pick-me-up during the workday? Encourage your employees to make healthier snacking decisions by providing fresh fruit and other healthy treats in the office.

Wellness in the office often leads to greater productivity and happier employees. Sample a few of these ideas, see what works for your employees, and enjoy the benefits that wellness brings.