The coolest degrees you'll find on a résumé - infographic

There's such a variety of degrees available nowadays as more and more people are deciding to go to college. It's no longer just a case of whether you'd like to be a lawyer or a doctor, as there are now so many degrees that you can choose from.


There may be some bizarre ones, and some that are quite rare, but we wanted to find out more about the coolest programs of study that you could find on someone's résumé. Our latest infographic explores at which schools these programs are offered, as well as a brief description of the content of each one.

For those die-hard fans, why not head to the University of California to earn college credits for playing Pokémon? Or for a more traditional yet still alternative degree, how about enrolling on a Brewing and Distilling degree at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh?

Whether or not you've already got a degree, take a look at the infographic below – it may make you want to read another!