3 keys to employee engagement

Your most engaged employees are probably also your best. But if you want to help more of your employees reach the same levels of engagement and performance, what can you do? Here are a few ideas.


1. Communicate benefits

Do your employees truly understand and appreciate the value of the benefits you provide? Ensuring they do can help deepen their interest in your business and make it more successful. After all, if your employees don't know about the benefits you offer – you may as well not offer them!

According to Insperity, an industry-leading HR services provider, employers should consider simplifying benefit offerings and providing a written version of all included benefits to each employee. This helps ensure all staff members are aware of their benefits, have access to them, and can actively participate in any bonus structures and other incentives.

2. Provide feedback and support for improvement

A pat on the back is good, but honest feedback, constructive criticism and an avenue to improve performance can provide the path to higher employee engagement.

Forbes recommends blending positive reinforcement with recommendations for improvement. This helps employees understand both their current performance and how they can improve. You may also want to pair your recommendations with any resources the employee can use to realize the performance goals you set.

After all, improvement is the goal. And when employee performance improves, so does the performance of your company overall.

3. Encourage connections

In today's workplace, many employees crave social connections with their coworkers and managers.

You can encourage this behavior by fostering a social environment among staff. The connections made among your staff members can help ensure your employees truly care about the well-being of their coworkers and your business.

Consider holding an office gathering after work to cultivate new relationships among employees. Host a stress-free dinner or happy hour. Or consider some good old fashioned team building.

Many of these ideas are easy to implement, and can help strengthen the bond between your employees, their coworkers and their work.

Are there any things that you find work particularly well? Let me know in the comments.