Spotlight on success

Hear from our team about the ways they've been able to succeed as part of the nationwide Colonial Life sales team.

The Colonial Life sales team is a great place for bilingual professionals, military veterans, students and recent graduates to grow their careers.

Hispanic bilingual professionals

Colonial Life is in the benefits communication and education business. As the number of bilingual employers and employees continues to grow, it's more important than ever that our salespeople can help them understand the information they need to protect their families. Sometimes that means speaking to them in their native language. If you're bilingual in Spanish and English, you already have a competitive advantage that will help us meet this need and help you grow your business.

Lourdes Martinez
Sales Manager, Chicago, IL

"Being a bilingual professional has made a huge difference in my Colonial Life career, because Spanish-speaking business owners and employees have a greater level of trust that I'll be able to help them. It's definitely opened the door to more opportunities and helped me grow my business."

Students and recent graduates

If you're enrolled at a university or technical school, you may not have considered a career in the insurance industry. Our services are needed more than ever, and as a salesperson with us, you'll have a real impact on helping people keep a roof over their heads, feed their families or pay bills, thanks to the financial protection Colonial Life provides. The employee benefits market is primed for driven, hard-working individuals. Even if you have no experience in the industry, Colonial Life has all the training you need to succeed.

Tj Hannon
Sales Manager, Sutton MA

"You can do well with Colonial Life at any age, but young adults have the unique opportunity to establish success early and build a strong renewal base that can transform into long-term achievement and financial freedom. When I first started, veteran representatives told me they wished they'd started when I did. Now, I have a clear understanding of what they meant."

Military veterans

At Colonial Life, we understand finding a meaningful career after service in the military can be a challenge. We also know that military veterans can successfully transition into a sales role with us and build a career that truly makes a difference.

Todd Mason
Territory Sales Manager, CA S. Coast

"In the military, you learn that the right determination and discipline can help you accomplish any task. I've found that my military training has helped me successfully build my own business with Colonial Life. And just as I was in the military, I'm rewarded for my hard work."

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