The Strength of a Leader

Consistent, Profitable Financial Performance

When choosing an insurance company, you want a provider that is both stable and financially sound. You can count on that with Colonial Life. We have a long history, but we’re high on standards and innovation – and we’ll work tirelessly to continue to provide our customers the very best.

We take pride in the overall financial strength of our company and our:

  • Nearly 86,000 business accounts and more than 3.7 million policyholders nationwide.
  • In-force premium of $1.4 billion.1
  • Annual sales of more than $484 million.1
  • Consistently strong industry ratings, strong investment portfolio and long-term profitable growth.

We’re committed to providing affordable insurance products to meet our customers' needs, and we’re dedicated to meeting our financial commitments.

1Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company corporate records as of April, 2017