Helping you succeed in the public sector

From small cities and big municipalities to school districts and support services, we're the smart choice as benefits provider for public sector organizations. Our cost-management strategies, time-saving benefits communication and team of dedicated public sector sales professionals can help you grow your book of business in the public sector.

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Put our public sector expertise to work for you

We can help you grow your business with new or existing public sector clients

In 1955, our first payroll deduction account was a state highway patrol, and they are still a customer today. Since then, we've come to serve more than 10,000 public sector accounts and 500,000 public sector employees.

Over the past 60 years, we've carved out a niche as a public sector expert. Why? Because it's the most challenging benefits environment we could find. And we know that if our solutions work there, they'll work for businesses anywhere.

We work with:

  • More than 40 state governments
  • More than 3,000 educational entities
  • More than 5,000 local governments

Create better connections

With Colonial Life, you can gain new insights and perspectives into solving challenges in the public sector through our long-standing relationships with these organizations.

National League of Cities (NLC)

The NLC’s 49 state municipal leagues help the leaders of more than 19,000 cities, villages and towns build stronger communities. We were invited by NLC leadership to be a corporate partner and share ideas that can help strengthen local government and encourage economic competitiveness.

National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO)

The NBC-LEO, a constituency group of the NLC, works to ensure that NLC policy and program recommendations reflect African-American concerns. We help them tap into research and other resources to better leverage employee benefits in pursuit of their goals.

Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO)

The HELO, a constituency group of the NLC, provides the NLC board guidance on major public policy issues affecting the Hispanic and Latino communities. We supply them with insights and data to enhance their effectiveness.

Women in Municipal Government (WIMG)

The WIMG, a constituency group of the NLC, works to raise awareness about issues of concern to women and encourage women to seek public office. We support their work by providing information and strategies that help advance their efforts.

International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR)

The IPMA-HR represents the interests of more than 5,000 human resource professionals at the federal, state and local levels. We received their preferred provider designation for voluntary benefit solutions.


GOVERNING provides state and local leaders with nonpartisan information, insights and intelligence to help them work effectively. We partner with them to develop and deliver research and educational opportunities that help these leaders contain costs while managing the quality of employee benefits.

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)

The NJPA facilitates the competitive bidding process on behalf of its 50,000 member organizations. We earned a contract for voluntary benefits that NJPA members can leverage to fulfill their bidding requirements, provided all statutory requirements and obligations are satisfied.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA)

The AASA represents more than 13,000 education leaders internationally, helping shape policy and advance the goals of public education. We assist them by providing strategies and insights for more effectively recruiting, retaining and rewarding educators and administrators.

State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA)

The SALGBA provides municipal, county, school and state government professionals with continuing education and accreditation in public sector benefits. We support their mission by developing educational materials and through conference support.

Get premier service and support

Our Premier Client Services team is your go-to resource for helping you manage the benefits implementation process. Qualified public sector clients are supported by a home office team managed by a dedicated client manager to help you:

  • Develop and implement growth strategy, aligning the best products and services
  • Manage relationships and expectations
  • Create, implement and manage enrollment strategies
  • Coordinate home office visits for qualified existing clients

Employee benefits and cost management solutions

Benefits and communication — The core of understanding is communication, and we provide the total package for your benefits program.

We offer a full benefits communication system to educate and engage employees in their benefits, so they can better understand and appreciate their voluntary benefits. Our communication services are available at no direct cost to you:

  • Customized communication materials, ranging from fliers and emails to Youville, our interactive benefits learning website
  • Group meetings to help employees understand what to expect from their upcoming enrollment
  • Informative, personal 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions
  • Post-enrollment surveys to measure employees’ satisfaction with their enrollment experience, which is shared with you
  • 1-to-1 sessions with employees to review their personal benefits situation and how their elections will affect their paychecks as well as educate and enroll them through our enrollment system
Cost management — Our suite of proven cost-management solutions can help you deal with today’s budget challenges.

Whether it's through leveraging tax savings, reducing enrollment costs, improving employee participation in wellness programs or reviewing eligible dependents, our suite of proven cost-management services can help you deal with today’s budget challenges:

  • Aid employee cost-sharing — It really is possible to lower health plan costs by increasing plan variables such as deductibles and co-pays – and still ensure employees have quality coverage. Our full portfolio of employee-paid voluntary benefits can help offset the out-of-pocket expenses your employees may incur.
  • Boost tax savings — Through our benefits communication and education practices, we can help employees better understand the benefits of a Section 125 plan, which increases plan participation and provides greater tax savings for the employer.
  • Decrease enrollment expenses — You can reduce the costs associated with employee benefits enrollment, such as materials, manpower and even IT expenses, by taking advantage of our end-to-end enrollment services, delivered on an innovative electronic platform.
  • Promote employee wellness — By educating employees about their available wellness plan, we can help increase awareness and participation, which will yield a fuller return on your investment.
  • Confirm eligible dependents — Identify and remove ineligible employee dependents from your benefits plan to uncover significant savings. Our dependent review services can help verify who qualifies for your health care plan.
Trusted government partner — We've earned the trust of the public sector, as well as the organizations that serve their best interests.

Partnerships are an important part of how we do business in the government and educator markets. By aligning with organizations dedicated to helping cities and their employees, we can better understand the needs of the public sector and help provide solutions to many of their issues.

Administrative time savings — Our end-to-end enrollment services help take the hassle out of benefits administration.

Our enrollment services simplify your benefits administration so everything is as easy and efficient as possible:

  • Full-service, core and voluntary enrollment services — Through our 1-to-1 meetings with your employees, we can communicate all of your benefit offerings, from benefit plans, plan design changes and wellness programs, to time off and parking benefits. We can also enroll employees in their elections quickly and efficiently through our electronic enrollment system.
  • Time-saving updates — Save your HR staff valuable time through our customized electronic data return file, which outlines employees’ payroll deductions, provides updates to employees’ contact information and can easily integrate into your administrative system.
  • Suite of online administrative services — These services, exclusively for our plan administrators, are designed to help make billing and other administrative tasks quick and easy. They also include cost-free access to HRAnswersNow®, a human resource website that provides daily news, tips and research tools.
  • Service as personal as it is professional — We’re proud to provide our customers with the speed and convenience of technology, but we never underestimate the need for professional, personal service. That’s why we have experienced specialists available by email and phone to assist you and your employees.
Cooperative purchasing — Leverage our NJPA contract to fulfill your bid requirements.

More commonly used when purchasing tangible items such as tractors, computers and office supplies, cooperative purchasing allows public entities to legally purchase through a single contract without duplicating the competitive bidding process. By leveraging our National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract, you can avoid:

  • Duplicating the bidding and contract process
  • The unpleasant experience of low bid, low quality responses
  • Time-consuming and invalid vendor protests

NJPA awarded us a contract as part of a competitive RFP process. We earned that contract not only because of the quality, convenience and affordability of our products and services, but also because we have more than 60 years of experience working with public sector employees like yours.

Visit the NJPA website to learn more.

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