Premier support for your premier clients

We help you work effectively with large clients through cost-management strategies, benefits communication services and a channel of sales professionals specifically dedicated to servicing large companies and organizations.

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One in six large businesses choose Colonial Life

Partner with a proven leader in the large-case space

With our national network of independent offices and local enrollment specialists, we’re everywhere large businesses need us to be. And we’re there with scalable solutions and staffing that can adapt to any business’s needs.

We're the preferred choice for large businesses and their employees, with more than 3,500 customers with 500+ employees. This translates to a 17% market share,1 with an average customer tenure of 13 years.

Success through scalable systems and resources

We help you with large cases by simplifying complex processes


6,300 benefit counselors nationwide (1,300 large-case-certified enrollment specialists) and over 9,000 locations enrolled annually across all 50 states


Over 30 ben-admin plug-and-play partners and the ability to connect to almost any system

Service and support

Hundreds of local offices supported by home office staff and territory-wide coordination

A team for your team

Our large clients receive the dedicated time and attention of their own home office team

Field support specialist

Coordinates activity and support in both the territory and local offices

Enrollment consultant

Coordinates enrollment locally and nationally; ensures the best enrollment experience for your clients' employees

Client manager

Your primary point of contact ensures you receive the service and attention you need to meet your clients' needs

Enrollment data manager

Leads any necessary technical research and analysis; ensures data exchanges function accurately and securely

Billing specialist

Manages the day-to-day support of your clients’ payroll deductions; ensures billing processes take place accurately and on schedule

Take the next step

We can provide the help you need to work more effectively with your large clients.

Premier Client Services team

Our Premier Client Services team is your go-to resource for helping you manage qualified cases. Each Premier Client is supported by a home office team managed by a dedicated client manager to help you:

  • Develop and implement growth strategy, aligning the best products and services
  • Manage relationships and expectations
  • Create, implement and manage enrollment strategies
  • Coordinate home office visits for qualified existing clients

Support services

We’ve perfected the following services to accommodate the needs of larger businesses:

  • Multiple, flexible enrollment options
  • Electronic return files to ease administration
  • Full-scale benefits communication
  • Wellness program solutions
  • Cost-saving dependent verification services
  • Benefits administration integration capabilities with a range of systems
  • A full portfolio of voluntary benefits to supplement your major benefit offerings

Save money and time with our benefit administration services

Administrative time savings — Our end-to-end enrollment services help take the hassle out of benefits administration.

Our enrollment services simplify your benefits administration so everything is as easy and efficient as possible:

  • Full-service, core and voluntary enrollment services — Through our 1-to-1 meetings with employees, we can communicate all of your benefit offerings, from benefit plans, plan design changes and wellness programs, to time off and parking benefits. We can also enroll employees in their elections quickly and efficiently through our electronic enrollment system.
  • Time-saving updates — Save your HR staff valuable time through our customized electronic data return file, which outlines employees’ payroll deductions, provides updates to employees’ contact information and can easily integrate into your administrative system.
  • Suite of online administrative services — These services, exclusively for our plan administrators, are designed to help make billing and other administrative tasks quick and easy. They also include cost-free access to HRAnswersNow®, a human resource website that provides daily news, tips and research tools.
  • Service as personal as it is professional — We’re proud to provide our customers with the speed and convenience of technology, but we never underestimate the need for professional, personal service. That’s why we have experienced specialists available by email and phone to assist you and your employees.
Cost management — Our suite of proven cost-management solutions can help your large clients deal with today’s budget challenges.

Whether it's through leveraging tax savings, reducing enrollment costs, improving employee participation in wellness programs or reviewing eligible dependents, our suite of proven cost-management services can help large clients deal with today’s budget challenges:

  • Aid employee cost-sharing — It really is possible to lower health plan costs by increasing plan variables such as deductibles and co-pays – and still ensure employees have quality coverage. Our full portfolio of employee-paid voluntary benefits can help offset the out-of-pocket expenses your clients' employees may incur.
  • Boost tax savings — Through our benefits communication and education practices, we can help employees better understand the benefits of a Section 125 plan, which increases plan participation and provides greater tax savings for the employer.
  • Decrease enrollment expenses — Large clients can reduce the costs associated with employee benefits enrollment, such as materials, manpower and even IT expenses, by taking advantage of our end-to-end enrollment services, delivered on an innovative electronic platform.
  • Promote employee wellness — By educating employees about their available wellness plan, we can help increase awareness and participation, which will yield a fuller return on your investment.
  • Confirm eligible dependents — Identify and remove ineligible employee dependents to uncover significant savings. Our dependent review services can help verify who qualifies for your clients' health care plans.
Dependent reviews — Dependent reviews can help clients manage your benefits budget, keep benefit costs down for their employees and help reduce legal risk and non-compliance issues with their benefit plans.

We can help make the entire process easy — at no additional cost to them. We make dependent review a part of our 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions, so it's a seamless, efficient process. Using our electronic enrollment system during the 1-to-1 session with employees, our benefit counselors can:

  • Clearly explain eligibility criteria
  • Note any ineligible dependents
  • Add new eligible dependents
  • Return the employee’s electronic signature of confirmation

At the end of the enrollment, we provide employers with dependent verification reports for their records. Done annually, dependent verification is a simple option that can help clients save valuable budget dollars and help employees get the most from the benefits you offer.

1. U.S. Census Bureau, 2014 County Business Patterns, 2016 and Colonial Life internal data, 2017