Colonial Life recognizes top customer service employees

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Feb. 26, 2018) — Forty-two Columbia-based employees of Colonial Life and Unum were recently recognized for superior customer service. 

The group selected for the company’s prestigious Aspire program was chosen from more than 1,200 employees in Columbia and nationwide field offices based on their commitment to excellent service, customer focus and support. 

Their recognition includes participating in an elite professional development training program on customer service techniques. 

Honorees were announced in a “Grease”-themed celebration in mid-February, when senior leaders from the company dressed as characters from the hit 1971 musical. Honorees include:

Kelli Abramson
Melanie Alvi
Candi Anderson
Michele Backman
Krista Biernat
D’Anne Bower
Tamara Bradfield
Yolonda Byrd
Elizabeth Coats
Michael Coffman
Caleb Davis
Marcus Dickerson
Kellye Donnelly
Katie Doughty
Darlene Edgell
Jillian Frazier
Chris Freeman
Martin Graham
Tina Green
Garrison Gunter
Ryan Jennings
Ken Johnson
Mandi Maner
John McCarthy
Windi Murphy
Eireka Nickson
Angela Padgett
Juana Pickeral
Ronnie Ritchie
Mike Ronci
Rikki Schrock
Shawn Scott
Jennifer Smith
Teresa Smith-Ross
Ben Song
Rebecca Soper
Mary Lou Starnes
Howard Townsend
Erin Villegas
Joy Wallace
Aaron West
Marc Wielard