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How do public sector employers serve their communities while also protecting their employees, their families and their finances? Voluntary benefits make it possible, and virtual enrollment makes it simple.

Public sector guide booklet

5 best practices for public sector benefits enrollment

Our free guide can help you navigate the unique challenges facing the public sector.

  • Pre-enrollment communication
  • Benefits education
  • Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Maximizing employee participation
  • Choosing the right enrollment partner
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“Many employees do not fully understand how their major medical plans work. They often know how much money is withheld from their paycheck, but they may not understand how much their employer contributes to that coverage. Virtual enrollment that includes both core and voluntary benefits educates the employee on the value of all of their benefits provided by their employer, including medical.“

- Joel Newman, District General Agent, Seattle

Customizable options, one enrollment

Consolidating both your core (e.g., medical) and voluntary benefits into one enrollment allows your employees to better understand how all their options work together to provide comprehensive protections.

Get more out of your benefits

Without benefits counseling, nearly 70% of employees spent less than an hour considering their benefits.

Public sector employees are committed to serving their constituents. From police officers to librarians, sanitation workers to teachers, they’re busy helping others and not always in front of a computer or able to read through benefits materials.

Reaching them how they want to be reached, connecting with them personally and offering 1-to-1 benefits counseling is critical. Empowering them to make informed decisions allows them to elect the protections they need.

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A leader in the public sector

Colonial Life has a history of success in the public sector – we continue to work with our first public sector client, who has trusted us since 1955 – and helps protect employees in:


state governments




local governments

Unexpected but never unprepared

Even in the best of times, life doesn’t always go as planned

For more information, download our Public Sector Enrollment guide or speak with your Colonial Life agent.