Check out our partner, KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education), and their complimentary financial wellness services.

A commitment to helping America's families through financial protection

Stress can be a main contributor to poor health.1 Additionally, a recent study found that financial problems lead to stress in more than 46% percent of the U.S. workforce population.2 Your employer recognizes the importance of helping you maintain physical and financial wellness, and Colonial Life is proud to provide solutions to help you attain both.

Our goal at Colonial Life is to help America’s workers protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. In that spirit, we have partnered with KOFE to help us further this mission by offering additional services to support financial wellness.

Through KOFE, you will receive access to a dedicated financial counselor, access to several financial calculators to assist with budgeting, and the ability to watch videos containing tips on a variety of financial topics.

We hope this service helps you with your financial budgeting and goals.

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2. SHRM Survey Findings: Financial Education Initiatives in the Workplace, 2012, Society for Human Resource Management