Unum, Colonial Life select Wonolo to build on-demand workforce

Wonolo provides more efficient allocation of benefits counselors yielding higher customer engagement and reduced cost

File folders SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 8, 2016) – Wonolo, an on-demand staffing platform enabling businesses to fill their immediate labor needs, today announced it has welcomed Unum and Colonial Life as clients. Both businesses are insurance industry leaders in providing financial protection benefits at the workplace. By leveraging the Wonolo platform, Unum and Colonial Life are able to access on-demand talent to meet growing customer needs through qualified, pre-vetted, local benefits counselors.

“One of the main aspects of our growth strategy is forming collaborative relationships with organizations that can help us rapidly evolve and acquire new capabilities,” said Richard Shaffer, vice president of enrollment for Unum and Colonial Life. “Wonolo has provided us with a new way to manage and develop our workforce and helped us embrace change to better serve our customers.”

For agent-assisted enrollments, Colonial Life and Unum depend on a team of benefits counselors who hold face-to-face sessions with potential clients to help them understand their needs and benefits options available. As millions of these transactions take place each year, the businesses require clear visibility into counselor supply to identify and deploy the right counselors quickly. The demand is even greater each fall season when most employers conduct their annual benefits enrollment periods. A steady supply of counselors to serve a growing client base is essential for Unum and Colonial Life to quickly welcome new business.

Recognizing the need to fill jobs faster, Colonial Life and Unum implemented Wonolo in 2015 in select test markets, before rolling out Wonolo nationally this year. Through Wonolo, the businesses have been able to optimize access to qualified benefits counselors across the country who can be deployed quickly. As a result, the businesses decreased the typical time to schedule needed benefits enrollers from several days to just minutes or hours by sending out job opportunities through the Wonolo app and getting immediate responses from local individuals who can fill those roles. 

During its initial engagement with Wonolo, Colonial Life signed up 180 benefits counselors for one of the first test markets, the South Florida territory. The territory office increased year-over-year sales by 25 percent in the fourth quarter. Since then, both Unum and Colonial Life have signed up more than 1,000 benefits counselors and plan to increase that number significantly before the fourth quarter of 2016.

“As more companies recognize the advantage in leveraging Wonolo to get more value out of their own workforce, Unum and Colonial Life show they’re ahead of the curve,” said A.J. Brustein, co-founder and COO of Wonolo. “We look forward to helping these businesses continue to fill their immediate and long-term needs, connecting with the talent they need to serve their clients and achieve their growth objectives.”

About Colonial Life

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is a market leader in providing financial protection benefits through the workplace, including disability, life, accident, dental, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement indemnity insurance. The company’s benefit services and education, innovative enrollment technology and personal service support more than 80,000 businesses and organizations, representing more than 3 million of America’s workers and their families. For more information visit www.coloniallife.com or connect with the company at www.facebook.com/coloniallifebenefits, www.twitter.com/coloniallife and www.linkedin.com/company/colonial-life.