One survivor’s story: The power of early detection and strong customer service

Carol Brooks, a Colonial Life policyholder, shares how her wellness benefit helped detect her breast cancer early.

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

When Carol Brooks first purchased her cancer policy from Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, she was working for the Dillard’s department store.

She loved the mammography benefit because it paid her so quickly after the exam and always reminded her to get her annual check-up.

At her mammogram in December 2013, a small lump was detected.

Although very small, a needle biopsy confirmed that it was malignant.

Because the cancer was detected early, and the lump was small, doctors were able to remove all of the cancerous cells.

“And I only needed radiation and not chemotherapy,” she said.

After her battle with breast cancer, Carol said she called Colonial Life in February to get a copy of her policy schedule. That’s when she got a more pleasant surprise. The customer service representative she spoke with was pleasant and she could understand him – despite her hearing loss.

“I’m not used to really pleasant people on the phone when I call a business,” she said.

Carol said she was surprised to learn Colonial Life’s contact center is in Columbia, S.C., where she lives.

“All of my experiences with Colonial have been very positive and I look forward to remaining a policyholder in the future,” she said.

By Chris Winston

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