Tips for Filing a Claim

An Informational Guide to Completing Your Claim

  1. Read your form carefully - By reading your form thoroughly before filling it out, you’ll know what information you need to complete the appropriate sections.
  2. Review and complete the Optional Service Release Agreement - This section enables Colonial Life to release claim details, status updates and additional information about your claim to individuals you designate.
  3. Review and sign the Authorization Form - Be sure to sign and date the HIPPA Authorization and submit along with your claim form.
  4. Input your information - For your convenience, our claim forms are available as fillable PDFs. When you open our electronic forms, you’ll see gray boxes, which indicate an active field for typing. You may also print and complete forms by hand.
  5. Give your claim a final review - Before submitting your claim to us, carefully review it to ensure you’ve completed all required sections. This will help ensure a timely response.
  6. Submit your claim - You may submit your claim online (preferred), fax your claim to 1-800-880-9325, or mail it to P.O. Box 100195, Columbia,
    SC 29202-3195.
  7. Track your claim - If you’re registered as a policyholder on, you can file your claim online, upload documentation on an existing claim, track the status of your claim, and view correspondence.  Not registered?  Simply click Register.