Stay Informed on Health Care Reform

Outlining Key Requirements for You and Your Employees

As health care reform continues to evolve, so does the impact on you and your employees. Below is a timeline highlighting what’s happening in the world of health care reform and what you should start planning for in the future.


Decide if you’ll offer health coverage through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchange (if applicable - small businesses only)

Prepare for health insurance sector fee and Transitional Reinsurance Program fee

Make sure your health plan meets new requirements

Institute auto enrollment for group health plans

Revisit your benefits strategy in light of the individual mandate and the Health Insurance Exchange


Employers with 100 or more employees must decide whether to participate in the employer mandate for 2015

Consider new plan options through the SHOP exchanges

Report employer provided health insurance to the IRS

SHOP exchanges will broaden offerings in 2015 to small businesses only


Understand SHOP expansion

Employers with 50-99 employees must decide whether to participate in the employer mandate.

Some employers with 50-100 employees will gain SHOP access in 2016


More employers may gain access to SHOP exchanges

Check on SHOP for larger employers (100+ lives)

Some states may ban non-exchange sales


Calculate any “Cadillac Tax” liability