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Benefit Administrators in Government

6 Reasons Why Benefit
Administrators Choose Us

Discover the 6 reasons why benefit administrators in government are choosing to partner with us. Once you’ve taken a look, explore our public sector section and learn why Colonial Life is right for you.

6 Reasons why benefit administrators choose Colonial Life

  1. Market Expertise: We work with 5,000 local governments, 34 state governments and 2,700 educational agencies. So we know the hurdles you face…and how to help you clear them up.
  2. Dedicated Service: We have teams who work exclusively with government accounts. So we speak your language.
  3. Benefits That Help Manage Costs: We have plans with no direct cost to you. A dream-come-true in the public sector. Or any sector.
  4. New Ways to Save Money: And lots of them…like reduced enrollment costs, dependent verification, increased employee participation and tax savings.
  5. Personalized Benefits Counseling: We meet 1-to-1 to help everybody get the benefits that are best for them. Which is also best for you.
  6. Good Hard Work: We believe in the benefits of good hard work. Just like you. 

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