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Keep your employees and your business growing

Engaged employees are the key to a growing business. Colonial Life Benefits can help.

Voluntary Benefits Make It Happen

Employees are looking for quality insurance from their employers, but employers don’t want to break their budget making their employees happy. Voluntary benefits can help. By offering Voluntary Benefits from Colonial Life, you can keep your employees satisfied with numerous insurance choices, without impacting your bottom line.

Who Wants Voluntary Benefits?

Your employees. 


Source: 1. Employers with 10 or more employees, Eastbridge, “MarketVision: The Employer Viewpoint” (2016).

More businesses are offering voluntary benefits, because more employees are asking for them. In fact, 80% of employees polled stated their interest in extra protection. Don’t want to fall behind? It’s time to learn about how Voluntary Benefits can help your company.

Who Offers Voluntary Benefits?


Source: 2. Colonial Life survey of 1,029 employed adults, conducted online by Harris Poll, Mar. 28-Apr. 4, 2014. 3. Employers with 10-100 employees, Eastbridge, “MarketVision: The Employer Viewpoint” (2016).

Over half of US businesses are offering voluntary benefits; are you?
Find out which benefits are right for your employees.


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