Committed to helping your employees

Like you, we're committed to helping your employees protect their families, finances and futures. One way you can look out for the people who look out for your business is by offering them a strong benefits package that includes affordable dental insurance.

61% of employers offer dental coverage1

Dental insurance is one of the most popular workplace benefits. And for good reason: Dental health can have a major impact on employee well-being - and the success of your business.

1LIMRA, Unpublished LIMRA Employee Data, 2018.

Dental Insurance: A bright idea for your business cover

We're committed to helping your employees

Our dental eBook, Dental insurance: A bright idea for your business, includes:

  • Details on how dental health has a direct effect on overall health and wellness
  • Research on how employee dental insurance can help retain the talent you have and attract the talent you want
  • Why employees need added financial protection for dental costs
  • Information on how good dental health can help boost productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • Tips on how you can offer dental benefits for employees without impacting your budget
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