First steps to starting a successful small business

If you've got a great idea for a business that has the potential to drive profits and generate a customer following, there is still the matter of transforming your idea into reality. There is more to creating a small business than simply opening up shop.

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11 cost cutting hacks for small businesses

Cutting costs is second nature to most small business owners. After all any unnecessary expenses eat right into your profits. I like to think I’ve become pretty good at cost cutting over the years, so here’s a few of my top money-saving hacks. Hope they help.

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How to survive in a world where everyone wants something for nothing

It’s a sad truth that in today’s world everyone wants something for nothing. Consumers are becoming increasingly bargain-hungry shoppers – fueled by the rise of comparison websites, online auctions and discount sites. What’s worse is that more information, products and services can now be found online completely free of charge. And while consumers are lapping it up (and rightly so) I’ve found myself on more than one occasion with my head in my hands wondering how my little business and I will ever be able to compete.

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Fiction loves a good business. Whether it’s in books, TV or movies, companies of every size frequently form the backdrop of compelling and captivating storylines. Sometimes, we wistfully long to be in the same fun place as the characters. Other times, we’re rooting for the evil, corporate demon to fail and fall.

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4 resources employers can use to teach their employees about ACA

Stress can play a big role in a workplace’s productivity. When your employees are stressed, it impacts their health, possibly resulting in their needing to take time off. And while they’re at work, it’s likely on their minds – have you tried concentrating when your stress levels are high? I know I can’t. A stressed workforce can be an unproductive workforce.

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How to make viral videos like a pro (but without the price tag)

In an age where time is precious and the average attention span is less than a goldfish’s (yes, really), consumers want their content fed to them in a fast and easily digestible way. I’ve found that video has proven to be extremely beneficial for my business – especially when it comes to promoting the products and services I can offer in a short, succinct and consistent way.

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How the Delta variant impacts 2022 enrollment: Are you ready?

The stakes are high this open enrollment season. Learn about three practical tactics for a safe and effective enrollment.
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