Inclusion makes us stronger

Colonial Life is committed to helping America's workers protect what they work so hard to build. To better serve our customers, we embrace inclusion in all that we do. Having diverse employees helps us better relate to our customers' needs, and that leads to better customer service. Our inclusive company culture also reflects the communities our employees volunteer in every day.

Inclusion brings out the best in all of us.

Different backgrounds, same goal

Our employees come from all walks of life, yet they all share the same purpose - to help our customers get the financial protection they need and the personal service they deserve.
Randy Boston

Randy Boston

Assistant Vice President, Service Operations

How I help others: I proudly represent Colonial Life by providing leadership and support to a team of service professionals who are committed to creating a service experience for our customers that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to ensure the experience our customers receive is consistent regardless of how they choose to interact with us.

Why inclusion is important: We should respect differences no matter what they are, and we should embrace those differences by bringing them into our personal and professional circles. It takes all creative minds with various backgrounds, experiences and beliefs to be innovative.

Maria Forttini

Maria Forttini

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

How I help others: I help our Spanish-speaking customers access information about claims, benefits, billing and policies. I break down language barriers and apply empathy to situations that require special concern.

What diversity and inclusion mean to me: Diversity and inclusion foster respect among different cultures or generations and create an atmosphere where strengths and talents are recognized beyond race, age, gender or backgrounds. It’s important to me because it promotes unity and respect amongst employees.

Olivia Jones

Olivia M. Jones

Associate Territory Sales Manager

How I help others: I help our customers by providing benefits that fit their lifestyle and budget, while also providing education on what those benefits mean to them. Honestly, I feel like I change lives every day, whether this is through making calls to clients, meeting with business owners or training a new district manager.

How my background has helped me succeed: I come from a multi-racial background, I’m a millennial, and I’m a businesswoman. I feel like I can connect with a variety of audiences in recruiting or sales. No matter what your color, gender, sexual orientation or age, Colonial Life is fair to all – and we work together as one big family.

Andre Durity

Andre' Durity II

Public Sector Manager - Premier District

How I help others: I recruit, train and develop representatives and managers to encourage success. I lead by example, with dedication and enthusiasm. Customer service is first and foremost. This begins with listening to questions and finding solutions to customers'; problems. I truly believe Colonial Life benefits and services can help in any business.

Why diversity is important: To me, diversity means genuinely not seeing color but being color conscious and truly valuing a diverse marketplace, especially where I am in Los Angeles since it's truly a melting pot. Diversity is vital for our company to help clients from all walks of life. Without diversity and inclusion, we can't grow and help more customers throughout America.

Ben Alcala

Ben Alcala

Territory District Manager

How I help others: I train our new representatives to provide the best service and knowledge to our customers in both the employer and employee realm. I’m bilingual, so I’m able to interact with people in my own culture and impact their lives.

Why inclusion is important: Having a diverse staff helps us reach customers from a variety of cultures. Our employees work together for the betterment of our company and, most importantly, for our customers.

Don Brink

Don Brink

District Developer Manager

How I help others: I assist employers and brokers in providing solutions to help manage costs and offer a highly competitive benefits package to employees. Our one-source solution provides innovative communication and enrollment services to help employees better understand their benefit options.

How my background has helped me succeed: Being gay, my own personal experiences have provided a perspective and understanding to the needs and challenges of the LGBTQ community. Others have been comfortable confiding in me their own personal situations and experiences. This understanding and empathy has allowed me to handle delicate situations in a non-judgmental way and be a better role model for the LGBTQ community.

Elana D'Arciprete

Elana D'Arciprete

Managing General Agent

How I help others: I recruit, oversee and coach 400 account representatives across Alabama and the Florida panhandle who partner with local businesses, public sector entities and nonprofit organizations to provide insurance and benefits education. I enjoy finding others with the same desire to help local businesses thrive.

How my background has helped me succeed: I’m able to relate to others because I had to provide for my girls. I know what it feels like to provide with one income, and I don’t want anyone to not be able to protect their loved ones.

Kerri Douglass

Kerri Douglass

District General Agent

How I help others: I’m a relationship manager and mentor. I help train openers on products, compensation, marketing and marketplace protocols. I also help customers by educating them on the need for voluntary benefits.

Why inclusion is important: With a diverse workforce, we learn more, engage more and become more productive. A diverse team is better at solving problems. And by learning about different cultures, we can better serve our policyholders.

Stronger together

We're proud to have a workplace that values diversity and inclusion. As we work to help employees during challenging times, we'll continue to celebrate the differences that make us stronger.

To share your thoughts about why inclusion is important to you, connect with us online.

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