Staying in Touch with What’s Important

For the eighth consecutive year, we’re proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2014 Employee Benefits Survey, which was released in June.

A random sampling of human resource professionals from small companies with fewer than 100 employees to large companies with more than 500 employees participate in the survey. They’re asked about the types of employee benefits they offer, such as health insurance, paid vacation, retirement plans, life insurance, child care assistance and employee education programs.

The survey provides employers reliable data they can use to make informed decisions about the benefits they offer their employees. It provides us important insight into how we can better meet the benefit needs of employers and working Americans.

For instance:

  • There’s a significant increase in the number of organizations that offer health savings accounts (HSAs) and in the number of employers contributing to HSAs.
  • More employers are turning to preventive health and wellness benefits to help reduce health care benefit costs.
  • The shift to defined contribution retirement savings plans and Roth 401(k) savings plans continues.

How do your benefits stack up? Learn more about current and future benefit trends by reviewing the survey.